5 Recipes How To Make a Kite

I decided to combine these recipes in one post.

This kite is the simplest. It takes only 5 minutes and improvised materials. Read how to make a kite during 5 minutes

How to make a kite during 5 minutes!

Sled kite takes 20 minutes and some materials for max. $5. Read and don't ask more how to make a sled kite
how to make a sled kite

The way to make a vietnamese kite is also easy.
How To Make A Vietnamese Kite

For delta kite making you need about 1.5 hours and a little patience. How to make a delta kite.
How to make a delta kite

The classic recipe is how to make a diamond kite.


Dave Wirth said...

I tried the Sled Kite once, it was an utter failure.

A while ago i made a big Parafoil Kite out of Tyvek. It's the white plastic they use to wrap houses in. It worked great, it was free and super strong.

Here's what the kite looked like:

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