How To Make A Sled Kite

You need about 1 hour to make your own Sled Kite

You need next materials:
Wind: Light to Moderate (4mph to 18mph)
Line: Crochet or button hole thread
Sail: 24" x 30" plastic trash bag (kitchen size)
Spars: 16" x 1/8" wooden dowels (OR: use match-stick bamboo)
Bridle: 48" flying line
Tail: Optional. Use bag scraps.
Tape: Cellophane

How to make a sled kite:

1. Draw half of the kite on edge of plastic bag and cut out (a)
2. Tape spars to sail (b)
3. Attach 48" bridle to sail (b)
4. Find center of bridle by placing keels together and tie a loop (c)
5. Tie flying line to loop (c)
6. Optional: Roll remaining bag and cut 1-1/2" wide tails. Tape to bottom at each spar (d)

Now go at the streed and enjoy!

How to make a Sled Kite
How to make a Sled Kite
How to make a Sled Kite
How to make a Sled Kite

Or you can simple buy Sled Kite:
Sled Kite Kit - Kit which makes 20 kites

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thank you making a kite now

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